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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Boob Hat!

Feel free to listen Here!

Thanks for the birthday card for Rick, Knit Wits fans!!  (Ok, I got the card but how else was I supposed to subtly remind him it was time to podcast?)

And thank you Debby for the beautiful Kumihimo bracelet with the dangly sheep!  I love it!

and for the infamous Boob Hat!

The Arches of Astoria Cowl which actually turned out rather pretty but the pattern is fraught with problems. Knit in Tosh Merino Light and Pico Accuardi Superwash Merino (sadly discontinued).
I am currently knitting the Zig to the Zag Cowl in hand spun/hand-dyed alpaca yarn.
Cows With Guns by Dana Lyons

Doesn't everyone have a chicken in a diaper in their house?
And doesn't everyone have this much yarn?
Planning the Hitofude Cardigan by Hiroko Fukatsu  in Abstract Fiber Supersock Alfalfa.

I just love spinning on my Hansen Mini Spinner!  
Even going through the carwash...
and on the train to Seattle...
and it lives in a cow!
Don't you love the time cows?

My fiber from Morro Fleece Works is AWESOME!
I was so blessed to receive my Stansborough Fleece this week!  I can't wait to work with it!

Isn't Liziak (Ravelry name) amazing?  She knit my second sock identical to the first in less than a week!  I envy her talent!
I LOVE Knit Companion and I know you will too!


And I did it...I got a loom! A Leclerc Nilus from the 80's. It cleaned up nicely!

Here is my April Challenge project.  A Claire Murray rug kit I found on Craigslist.  I finished the flowers.  Saving the background for another day.
Finished my May challenge already!!  
This is what it started out as...A Judy Taylor sample kit.
And this is what it turned out to be!

And to close out the show...Boobs A Lot by The Fugs.

See ya next time!!


  1. Always a great show! Sending my best to you and Rick!

  2. So great to hear you again. And thanks for posting the photos! Especially the chicken-in-a-diaper!

  3. Miss you guys...when are you coming back? It's JULY already!!


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