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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Gift to YOU: Blues-A-Palooza

Please, before you leave a comment, THIS WAS NOT A KNITTING EPISODE. This was a gift of music for Christmas to our listeners.

Listen to Blues-A-Palooza Here!

Merry Christmas (Part Two)

Listen to Episode 16 Here!

Run Run Rudolph by Luke Bryan started and ended the show!


Spiraluscious #2 Finished!  Now to figure out how to make the neck opening bigger. *sigh*

Zephyr's Shawl just needs it's edging.  I'll post pics next show of the finished object!

Don't know if I'll get to finishing Abby's Waldorf doll before Christmas but here's Angelina's to give you an idea of what they look like.


"Truly Scrumptious"  One bobbin down and one to go.  This will definitely not be enough for my February Lady Sweater but it's pretty anyway!


"Opal" Corriedale fleece.  I've been flicking this but I think this one is bound for the drum carder.

My special birthday present this year is a trip to Black Sheep Wool Gathering in June!  I can't wait!  Care to join us?

I'll be working on my scarf for the Special Olympics Scarf Project just as soon as Christmas wraps up.  Which state will you be knitting for?

I'm taking part in the Living Crafts Ornament Exchange reunion.  I'll post pics as the project unfolds.
Here is the ornament I had published in the magazine.


We love supporting new podcasters.  Check out The Knit Dr. Podcast on ITunes! 


Da Vinci Chianti A delicious wine that goes great with pasta!  Put on some old Dean Martin records and pour yourself a glass.

Everyone have a wonderful Christmas!  Thank you so much for listening and supporting the podcast with your donations and encouragement! 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Christmas! (Part One)

Listen To Show 15 Here!


Well apparently Tennessee actually came through on this one because every online shop I searched charged $17 to $18 for Bandwagon Chardonnay instead of the $11.99 we pay in Nashville.  A new wine from a small winemaker that really made us smile.  Hope you can give it a try.


Beautiful and fragrant Felted Soaps.  Quick and easy!

Felted Jingle Balls are fun and colorful and would make a great gift for any child.  All natural and safe for house play too.

Heifer International is a wonderful organization which helps improve the lives of impoverished families.  Please consider giving an animal or a share of an animal in someone's name.

I hope you will all join us for our Knit-A-Long in February for the February Lady Sweater.  Finish up your current projects and start hunting your yarn!  We're showing off our yarn choices and swatching in January.

Check out our sister group, the Surrogate Sock Knitters Club (also known as SSK Club) on Ravelry!  The solution for all of those knitters who can't find the motivation to finish their second sock.


Spiraluscious #2.  I just love how this yarn is showing off the shades of the ocean.  Watery Depths is certainly the correct name for this fiber from Susan's Kitchen.  By the way, I figured out my mistake and owe an appology to Anne Hanson.  Her pattern is fine.  I, on the other hand, am not!

Everyone simply must try the Try-It-On Tubing for ease of trying on your top-down sweaters. Comes in 1 or 2 yard lengths.


Moonwood Farms created this beautiful blend of Alpaca, Bamboo, Milk, Rambouillet and Angelina just for me and my Polly.  Spun Z.  Plied S on my Suzie.


Super-fine Merino roving personally hand-dyed in what I call the "Truly Scrumptious" colorway.  I hope to make this into a 2-ply worsted weight yarn.  Here's a close-up.

I spent some time cleaning the Corriedale fleece from "Opal" that I purchased at the Yarn Circle in Murphy, NC.  I can see how she got her name.  Such a beautiful silver fleece.  I can't wait to start spinning it!

Finishing up my squares for the Land's End Warm Up America Project and will be sending them out this week.  The most challenging part about this project was finding the time to do it.  The task itself was like whisting a tune!  But boy I'm glad that song is over!

"Thank you" to everyone who has donated to The Knit Wits!  We so appreciate it and are in the process of ordering a remote recorder so that we can record interviews!!

And "thank you" to all of our Knit Witeers for being a part of our life!  You are Truly Scrumptious! 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What DIDN'T We Talk About?

Listen To Episode #14 Here!

The HOTTEST new item for the knitter/crocheter in your life:
The Extreme Worm Binder Single or Double.  I love mine!! Thanks Trish and Lisa!

For the spinner in your life, a Yarn Meter from Nancy's Knit Knacks is the perfect thing!  Thanks Tamara 626!

For those of you with SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) and those of who just LOVE knitting socks, we have created the SSK (Surrogate Sock Knitters) Club on Ravelry!  Check it out!

And speaking of Second Sock Syndrome, Barking Dog Yarns has created the perfect solution!  Opposites Attract sock yarn!  Here's my pair, Arthur and Guinevere.

 Here's a reminder to be thinking about what yarn you want to use for our KAL (Knit-A-Long) in February.  We're knitting the February Lady's Sweater, an easy beginner sweater.

Spiraluscious #1 Finito!

Spiraluscious #2 in it's second of three repeats

"There and Back Again" Sweater (formerly "Hong Kong Garden") coming along nicely...again.

My mother's Zephyr's Shawl is on it's last repeat and then comes the edging.  This thing sure is teeny!

And last but not least, my February Lady's sweater which inspired me to suggest our KAL.  This is such a fun and easy knit.  Just don't know if I'll have the nerve to wear this wild green!  It is knit in the  "Green and Speckled Frogs" colorway from Dragonfly Fibers.

Yes, that's right!  I am now the proud owner of the amazing Pocket Wheel.

Mine is named Polly.  What will you name yours?

And here's what I just finished spinning up.

Moonwood Farm's Moonbeams "Juliet" 2.6 oz. 30% Alpaca ,25% Bamboo, 25% Milk, 20% Rambouillet, and Angelina.
Now to ply it!  Oooh!

And in case you've never seen Bernese Mountain Dog fur. Here it is.

I've put a clothespin in the picture so you can see just how much fur this is!  Thanks SimplySilly!!

Caymus Conundrum.  One of our very favorites wines!  We never open a bottle without savoring the very first sip and following it with, "Wow, that is a good wine!"  I hope you will give it a try and let us know what you think.

Well, unfortunately, the knitting machine trade didn't work out.  It appears the machine is just not in good enough working order to qualify as a viable trade.  This is no fault of the trader who generously gave it up in good faith, thinking that it worked.  SO, we are back to trading the child's approx. size 6 handknit sweater in Northampton Bulky.  It is finished all but the collar and the extra yarn is included.

Anyone wish to trade?

Thanks to everyone who donated to the podcast!  Your generosity is so appreciated!
And thank you to ALL our listeners!  We love you!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Knit Or Get Off The Pot

Listen to Episode 13 Here!

Thanks to our listeners, "The Wit" can now be heard through the Audio Technica AT2035 Mic.  Your donations made it all possible!  Much Gratitude!

Thank you so much to the Never Not Knitting Podcast for allowing us to play her theme song without asking because we didn't know it was her theme song.  I have a feeling Alana will get a great mention in the next episode!

Thanks to AnneThompson (on Ravelry) for doing a beautiful job of knitting my second plain jane sock.  Betcha can't tell which is which!

If you want to get in on the fun, check out the SSK Club thread on The Knit Wits group on Ravelry!


Still carrying around my Zipper Sock on my purse and still loving it.  Just have it on my back burner.

Just about finished with my first Spiraluscious (pronounced "Spiral-Luscious").  Will do a better job on the second one. It is a joy to knit in my alpaca handspun from Susan's Kitchen.

Hong Kong Garden sweater by Shannon Oakey from Spin to Knit.  I'm renaming this my "There and Back Again Sweater".  Frogging is such sweet sorrow.

I will be knitting the lovely Zephyr Shawl for my  mother for Christmas.  Two repeats down.  Four more to go.

And finally my February Lady's Sweater in the "Green and Speckled Frogs" colorway from Dragonfly Fibers.  This sweater will make a wonderful KAL for the month of February so stay tuned!

If anyone is curious, this is my sewing set up.

My dear old freinds:
Bernina 1020 and Pfaff Hobbylock Machines.

Sonoma-Cutrer Sonoma Coast Chardonnay  A very nice wine.  We both gave it a thumbs up.  Well worth the $25 price tag.

Those who donate will receive Rick's homey "cross-stitch" motto Knit or Get Off the Pot.  Ready to be printed and framed.  Thank you everyone for listening!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Miracle Sweater: Her Yarn Runneth Over

Listen To Episode 12 Here!

My beautiful CeCe sweater!  Thank you Knitmore Girls for suggesting I knit along with you.  I love it more every day! 

And this is the yarn I had left.  Hee hee, don't you just love miracles?

These are the Tardis Socks my sister has asked me to knit for her.  I think I like this link better.  She won't know the difference.

Hong Kong Garden sweater.  Stay tuned for the saga!

My Spiraluscious (not Spiralicious-duh!) The pic is not up close for a reason - lol


Her first project...A mattress for her doll (she's already lost one of her needles  - a true knitter).

Her second project...A scarf!  Yes, she is changing colors!

So proud!

I enjoyed my visit to The Yarn Circle.  Perhaps next time, I'll get to meet Martha, co-owner of the shop and owner of "Opal" who produced this lovely Corriedale fleece.



for their generous donations over the last 2 weeks while we were off.  Your generosity was so much appreciated and helped to pay for a new mic for the podcast!  The rest will go to pay for production costs.  We are so blessed to have listeners like you!

All trades for the red child's sweater are now closed.  We are now accepting trades for the Corona 1500 Knitting Machine!

This appears to be in working order although I will test it out when it arrives to be sure. It is missing the tools (aka weights, transfer tool, etc) but these are easily attainable.  It does include the owner's manual which is key!

Please submit your trades via email at theknitwits@comcast.net or via Ravelry to Thriftyknitter

Hess Select Chardonnay - Monterey 2008   Monterey's cooling fog and coastal breezes create an ideal climate for growing this crisp and refreshing Chardonnay, with vibrant tropical fruit flavors of pineapple, green apple and melon.

Thank you for listening!  You're awesome!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Buy Yams, I Said!

Listen to Episode 11 Here!

If you watch Knitting Daily TV, you may have seen the Colorful Cropped Overlay.  My version turned into the Ugly Poncho.

If anyone wishes to have their beloved pet's fur spun into yarn, here is the website for VIP Fibers

My Hong Kong Garden sweater is coming right along.  Hope I don't run out of the Ugly Brown Beast.

Please check out the beautiful patterns from Sarah Montie  Such lovely things and such a nice person.

So the word I could NOT think of was REDEEMBut you all know that since you played along with Password.

My Ultimate Sweater Machine has served me well but I will continue to be on the lookout for a "real" knitting machine to REDEEM my relationship with  my mother in law.

Anyone want to join me in knitting some blanket squares with yarn from Land's End for Warm Up America?  They have given out all their yarn but you are welcome to some of mine.


I hope you all will get a chance to try my FAVORITE wine Au Bon Climat Chardonnay.
I wish I had a description for you but just trust me.  It's GOOD!

The Carolina Fiber Frolic in Charlston, SC on February 24-27, 2011 sounds like a wonderful event.  I hope you'll check it out!

Thank you to all of our listeners and if you wish, feel free to put something in the tip jar.
To those of you who have already donated, our sincerest gratitude!  We are humbled.

We love you guys!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

He's Out of My Life

Listen To Show #10 Here!

The Stocking is out of my life...for now!  This picture was taken before steam blocking.  I failed to take one afterwards as I was so anxious to get it to it's owner before something unforeseen happened.  Fortunately (for you), I have two more chances to show you.


My Zipper Sock - decreasing the gusset stitches and loving this pattern!

Hong Kong Garden Sweater - Really excited how this is turning out!  Alot of knitting left but very mindless!

CeCe Cardigan I'm doing as part of the Knitmore Girls KAL   This is a enjoyable knit which uses a good portion of your brain without making you crazy.  Sorry but I tried every angle and just couldn't make this sweater look attractive in the picture.  It's much prettier in person.

My little lion and sweet alligator on Halloween.

Congratulation Gail (Cottontail on Ravelry) for winning the Name the Pirate contest with your submission "Knit Knickers" Nick.  I hope you enjoyed your "yarn"!!


My sweet Polly Pocket Wheel is getting her final touches and will be on her way to me soon!!  I can't wait to meet her!


Nugan Estate Vision Riverina Chardonnay   Fresh aromas of peach and melon layered with cinnamon, nutmeg and vanillin spice.
This one didn't thrill us but it was priced right.  Under $10


Up for trade - Child's size 6 raglan pullover sweater, handknit in Valley Yarns Northampton Bulky yarn.  The sweater is nearly complete and the owner of the sweater has located the extra yarn and is sending it to me.  So the sweater will come with enough yarn to complete it.  The sweater is knit from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns on size 11 needles.

We will be accepting trades for the next couple of weeks so get your trades in.  If you leave a trade in the comments section below, please do include your email.

Thanks for listening!!