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Monday, November 22, 2010

Miracle Sweater: Her Yarn Runneth Over

Listen To Episode 12 Here!

My beautiful CeCe sweater!  Thank you Knitmore Girls for suggesting I knit along with you.  I love it more every day! 

And this is the yarn I had left.  Hee hee, don't you just love miracles?

These are the Tardis Socks my sister has asked me to knit for her.  I think I like this link better.  She won't know the difference.

Hong Kong Garden sweater.  Stay tuned for the saga!

My Spiraluscious (not Spiralicious-duh!) The pic is not up close for a reason - lol


Her first project...A mattress for her doll (she's already lost one of her needles  - a true knitter).

Her second project...A scarf!  Yes, she is changing colors!

So proud!

I enjoyed my visit to The Yarn Circle.  Perhaps next time, I'll get to meet Martha, co-owner of the shop and owner of "Opal" who produced this lovely Corriedale fleece.



for their generous donations over the last 2 weeks while we were off.  Your generosity was so much appreciated and helped to pay for a new mic for the podcast!  The rest will go to pay for production costs.  We are so blessed to have listeners like you!

All trades for the red child's sweater are now closed.  We are now accepting trades for the Corona 1500 Knitting Machine!

This appears to be in working order although I will test it out when it arrives to be sure. It is missing the tools (aka weights, transfer tool, etc) but these are easily attainable.  It does include the owner's manual which is key!

Please submit your trades via email at theknitwits@comcast.net or via Ravelry to Thriftyknitter

Hess Select Chardonnay - Monterey 2008   Monterey's cooling fog and coastal breezes create an ideal climate for growing this crisp and refreshing Chardonnay, with vibrant tropical fruit flavors of pineapple, green apple and melon.

Thank you for listening!  You're awesome!!


  1. Mollie - JustThatKnitter on RavelryNovember 22, 2010 at 8:38 PM

    Wow, your CeCe is GORGEOUS! I absolutely love it too, what a great color! You are so right, it was a miracle you didn't run out of yarn.

    And WOW to Angelina's knitting! You go girl! Awesome! Kayla (6 1/2 yrs old) wants to learn, so I may just break out the big needles & chunky yarn for her too. My older daughter (Hannah - 8 yrs old) knows how, but doesn't have much interest in it.

    Thanks again for a wonderful podcast, and THANK YOU Rick for the mention! It was a lovely moment to hear you say my name - my ♥ skipped a beat!!!

  2. WOW Carin. Now I see why you love your CeCe! It is really impressive. My favorite color too! How could Rick not notice? Looks like you'll get a lot of compliments wearing that sweater.
    Loved the interview with Angelina. She's a doll and she knits great! Also loved the Elmer Fudd switch on the new mic. Man, my stomach hurt after laughing at this episode.
    Thank you!

  3. CeCe is beautiful, I just may have to knit one for myself. Way to go Angelina...we need more young knitters, keep up the good work.
    Side note to Rick...have you tried any of the Hawkes wine from the Alexander Valley? My favorites, and I love to follow their blog.

  4. Thanks for another fun podcast!

    Just wanted to be sure, (since you're kinda new to the southeast?) that you knew that Martha Owen, the Martha from the yarn shop you mentioned, is teaching (among other places) at the Southeast Fiber Forum, which is going to be at Arrowmont next April.
    Website: http://www.sefiberforum.org/ No affiliation, blahblahblah, but I'm signed up to take her spinning class & am really looking forward to it! There is scholarship application info on their website too ;-)

  5. LOVE THE CECE!! I hope that in my trials with knitting I will soem day be able to make amazing sweaters like the cece.

    loving the hong kong garden sweater as well, fingers crossed that you have enough of the brown beast to finish it.

    YEAH ANGELINA!! knitting like a pro already. love that her second project matches her shirt!!

    happy to keep things rolling smoothly.

    cant wait till teh next podcast and good luck to angelina with her knitting. may she have better luck than I am.

  6. Love the CeCe! And Angelina's knitting! And the shownotes!

  7. Hello there
    Another great podcast. How wonderful to play frisbee with signed Elvis 45's!! Well done with your CeCe, and Angelina is a joy to listen to. Thank you again.

  8. Being Lydia's other half I can fully appreciate your inability to comprehend the industry speak of knitters! I can only suggest that Karin sprays her knitting to get the bugs out of it.

  9. Great episode. Congrats on the sweater - and yes I believe it was a miracle. I'm trying to catch up on past episodes and had to comment on the pic posted for episode 4 - the wedge!!! All I can say is WOW. I glad I'm not the surfer but wish I had taken the picture. Perfect composition and lighting. Great job Mr. Wit. Say Hi to Mrs. Knit.

  10. WOW! Great voice there Rick! The whole mike sequence had me laughing so hard I nearly cried. The voice when you 'turned off' the mike switch sounded just like the Sicillian in the 'Princess Bride.'

    Your daughter is just sooo cute. You have a future podcaster there.

    I had a pair of socks that I ended up with only one inch of yarn left. So I understand the miracle sweater.