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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Knit Or Get Off The Pot

Listen to Episode 13 Here!

Thanks to our listeners, "The Wit" can now be heard through the Audio Technica AT2035 Mic.  Your donations made it all possible!  Much Gratitude!

Thank you so much to the Never Not Knitting Podcast for allowing us to play her theme song without asking because we didn't know it was her theme song.  I have a feeling Alana will get a great mention in the next episode!

Thanks to AnneThompson (on Ravelry) for doing a beautiful job of knitting my second plain jane sock.  Betcha can't tell which is which!

If you want to get in on the fun, check out the SSK Club thread on The Knit Wits group on Ravelry!


Still carrying around my Zipper Sock on my purse and still loving it.  Just have it on my back burner.

Just about finished with my first Spiraluscious (pronounced "Spiral-Luscious").  Will do a better job on the second one. It is a joy to knit in my alpaca handspun from Susan's Kitchen.

Hong Kong Garden sweater by Shannon Oakey from Spin to Knit.  I'm renaming this my "There and Back Again Sweater".  Frogging is such sweet sorrow.

I will be knitting the lovely Zephyr Shawl for my  mother for Christmas.  Two repeats down.  Four more to go.

And finally my February Lady's Sweater in the "Green and Speckled Frogs" colorway from Dragonfly Fibers.  This sweater will make a wonderful KAL for the month of February so stay tuned!

If anyone is curious, this is my sewing set up.

My dear old freinds:
Bernina 1020 and Pfaff Hobbylock Machines.

Sonoma-Cutrer Sonoma Coast Chardonnay  A very nice wine.  We both gave it a thumbs up.  Well worth the $25 price tag.

Those who donate will receive Rick's homey "cross-stitch" motto Knit or Get Off the Pot.  Ready to be printed and framed.  Thank you everyone for listening!


  1. recently found your podcast--am loving it...rick is such a GUY and you're so patient with him ; ) my fave part is probably the disclaimers at the end. and wine and knitting definitely are a match for me! i line up the projects in decreasing order of complexity-"one glass", "two glass", and flat stockinette in the round!

  2. I have finally gotten through all your podcasts and I laughed so hard my eyes teared up! I so want my husband to listen to your podcast, for he will so relate to Rick's humor and lack of knitting knowledge. He has promised to listen. My husband thinks it is strange that I listen to knitting podcasts in the first place. But as I am usually living in China, podcasts are my knitting community. We are in the states right now, but I will continue to listen when we return after the holidays. Keep up the great show!

  3. My darling mother suggested your podcast to me. I am so glad she did! I had never listened to a podcast before and yours has set the bar pretty high. I am a new knitter and love the help I'm getting to become better. I also love the technical magic that makes your podcast sound so good!

  4. You two are just too funny. My husband has the same sense of humor so I spend a lot of time groaning during your podcast. Thanks for so much fun. Sarah in Houston

  5. I, too, love your disclaimers at the end of every show--funny, funny!

    Love the crazy music you find to add "color." I have listened to 13 episodes now and find myself totally hooked on you KnitWits!

    The only critical comment I have is about episode 13. I did find, Rick, that your comments about the lady "plucking her fuzzy" or "shaving her fuzzy" were in poor taste, at least for me--I just don't like that sort of stuff. But, other than that, I loved the episode.

    Carin, I, too, am a seamstress. I made all my daughter's little church dresses and many of her other clothes, too, when she was a little girl. And I made many of my own clothes back then. I liked hearing about your sewing machines. I have a Pfaff sewing machine and an Elna serger. I use them mostly now for home decor projects, mending, and the odd costume or something for my church.

    LagunaKathy on Ravelry

  6. I am really enjoying your podcast! The people at the rec center where I work out probably think I am the crazy lady since I walk on the track laughing while listening to you the two of you! I plan to participate in the KAL. I've been wanting to make the Feb sweater for a long time, so perfect motivation, love the idea of starting in Feb. I have a Pfaff and a Bernina too and I spin on a Majacraft Rose. Keep on podcasting!

  7. I can't say that I've ever knit on the pot, but I do knit in the bathtub sometimes - mostly washcloths since it doesn't matter if they get wet.