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Thursday, December 9, 2010

What DIDN'T We Talk About?

Listen To Episode #14 Here!

The HOTTEST new item for the knitter/crocheter in your life:
The Extreme Worm Binder Single or Double.  I love mine!! Thanks Trish and Lisa!

For the spinner in your life, a Yarn Meter from Nancy's Knit Knacks is the perfect thing!  Thanks Tamara 626!

For those of you with SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) and those of who just LOVE knitting socks, we have created the SSK (Surrogate Sock Knitters) Club on Ravelry!  Check it out!

And speaking of Second Sock Syndrome, Barking Dog Yarns has created the perfect solution!  Opposites Attract sock yarn!  Here's my pair, Arthur and Guinevere.

 Here's a reminder to be thinking about what yarn you want to use for our KAL (Knit-A-Long) in February.  We're knitting the February Lady's Sweater, an easy beginner sweater.

Spiraluscious #1 Finito!

Spiraluscious #2 in it's second of three repeats

"There and Back Again" Sweater (formerly "Hong Kong Garden") coming along nicely...again.

My mother's Zephyr's Shawl is on it's last repeat and then comes the edging.  This thing sure is teeny!

And last but not least, my February Lady's sweater which inspired me to suggest our KAL.  This is such a fun and easy knit.  Just don't know if I'll have the nerve to wear this wild green!  It is knit in the  "Green and Speckled Frogs" colorway from Dragonfly Fibers.

Yes, that's right!  I am now the proud owner of the amazing Pocket Wheel.

Mine is named Polly.  What will you name yours?

And here's what I just finished spinning up.

Moonwood Farm's Moonbeams "Juliet" 2.6 oz. 30% Alpaca ,25% Bamboo, 25% Milk, 20% Rambouillet, and Angelina.
Now to ply it!  Oooh!

And in case you've never seen Bernese Mountain Dog fur. Here it is.

I've put a clothespin in the picture so you can see just how much fur this is!  Thanks SimplySilly!!

Caymus Conundrum.  One of our very favorites wines!  We never open a bottle without savoring the very first sip and following it with, "Wow, that is a good wine!"  I hope you will give it a try and let us know what you think.

Well, unfortunately, the knitting machine trade didn't work out.  It appears the machine is just not in good enough working order to qualify as a viable trade.  This is no fault of the trader who generously gave it up in good faith, thinking that it worked.  SO, we are back to trading the child's approx. size 6 handknit sweater in Northampton Bulky.  It is finished all but the collar and the extra yarn is included.

Anyone wish to trade?

Thanks to everyone who donated to the podcast!  Your generosity is so appreciated!
And thank you to ALL our listeners!  We love you!


  1. Rick asked for suggestions for a non-knitted gift for the knitter in your life, so here is mine:

    A Knitter's Gift Basket from Heifer International (www.heifer.org/catalog) - a whole basket is $480, but a share of a Knitter's basket is only $48. A basket represents a llama, an alpaca, a sheep and an angora rabbit that will provide families with ample wool and opportunities to build a better life. Or there are also individual gifts of a sheep or a llama available as well that are less expensive. Charity gifts in honor of someone else are very rewarding.

    Just want to say that I love your podcast and I would love to hear more about your crocheting projects (if you ever have the time to get to that craft) since I'm a crocheter myself. And to also say that I'm an Oregonian and I get a kick out of Rick's Oregon jokes :~)

    Thanks for the great entertainment while I crochet!

    Liesel Hall
    LieselOR on Ravelry (OR is for Oregon of course)

  2. Your podcast has been a huge highlight in my life for the last several weeks. I've mostly listened while I am working on various jobs like splitting and stacking firewood, painting and remodeling, shoveling, etc. You've made my jobs enjoyable! I look forward to listening this winter while spinning and knitting by the fire. Thanks so much for all of the work that you put in to the podcast. I do appreciate it! (P.S....I just chipped some $$ into the pot, and I don't mind if you keep some of it for a bottle of wine. Smoking Loon Chardonnay has turned out to be one of our current and affordable favorites!) Sincerely, Barb G. (aka bski43)

  3. I love the yarn meter and while not trying to take business away from any vendor, I just want to let the "thrifty" knitters know that you can buy the meter at the sportsman shops that sell fishing gear for around 10.00. They are actually fishing line meters and you will need to secure it somehow (my handy husband made me a holder similar to those sold to knitters). Just so you are well informed. Kim Pierce aka artsluvr on ravelry

  4. I could never knit in the car. Like reading in the car, it causes motion sickness.