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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Buy Yams, I Said!

Listen to Episode 11 Here!

If you watch Knitting Daily TV, you may have seen the Colorful Cropped Overlay.  My version turned into the Ugly Poncho.

If anyone wishes to have their beloved pet's fur spun into yarn, here is the website for VIP Fibers

My Hong Kong Garden sweater is coming right along.  Hope I don't run out of the Ugly Brown Beast.

Please check out the beautiful patterns from Sarah Montie  Such lovely things and such a nice person.

So the word I could NOT think of was REDEEMBut you all know that since you played along with Password.

My Ultimate Sweater Machine has served me well but I will continue to be on the lookout for a "real" knitting machine to REDEEM my relationship with  my mother in law.

Anyone want to join me in knitting some blanket squares with yarn from Land's End for Warm Up America?  They have given out all their yarn but you are welcome to some of mine.


I hope you all will get a chance to try my FAVORITE wine Au Bon Climat Chardonnay.
I wish I had a description for you but just trust me.  It's GOOD!

The Carolina Fiber Frolic in Charlston, SC on February 24-27, 2011 sounds like a wonderful event.  I hope you'll check it out!

Thank you to all of our listeners and if you wish, feel free to put something in the tip jar.
To those of you who have already donated, our sincerest gratitude!  We are humbled.

We love you guys!!


  1. I will happily donate a $, as it is one of the best hours of entertainment I get each week! Although I am slightly worried I might be helping to kill the golden goose- what if you get super rich, and then you will be too busy having fun to podcast each week?

  2. Love your posts!!! We'll miss you both next week! You continue to make me laugh as I do my "barn work" with my alpacas-Carin, let me know if I can send you a bag of my alpaca's fiber. It is overtaking our basement and I'm tired of hearing my DH complain about it Plus, I have more fiber to spin than I will EVER get time to!!

  3. Happy to donate to you two. I'm paid up for the rest of the year. Loooovvvveeee the podcast.
    Have a great thanksgiving.

  4. all too happy to donate to you two. my husband and myself love the pod cast!! my husband, being deployed, needs something to take his mind off of all that happens during his work day and tunes in every week! if you can, please send your prayers to him and all of the 101st Rakkasans(thats said rock-ka-son with an on sound not an un)deployed from Fort Capmbell, KY.
    we will miss you both dearly while you are visiting with your family. have a save trip!!
    ~Tara Wurster a.k.a. thomicwrst1106@aol.com

  5. Rick - you said your Mom was a Mouseketeer! What was her name?
    Just started listening - totally enjoyable! Penny

  6. I'd be happy to pay a dollar to get to listen to your podcast once a week =)

    Another income opportunity, although it might be a small one, is to get the podcast sponsored. Audible.com sponsors 3/4ths of all the podcasts I listen to so they might be worth getting in contact with if sponsorship seems like the way to go for you guys.

  7. your pod cast is brilliant, really funny, i have just found it and download them all. It is makeing the working day really go, from wales uk

  8. I went to a church retreat that turned into a knitting retreat (for me) last weekend too! There were many other women knitting as well. I was fortunate that no one asked me to knit anything for them... or perhaps that's an insult to me as a knitter! ;-) Either way I'm not complaining!

    I love your podcast and would be happy to donate occasionally. I have to say though, if I gave a dollar to every download of every knitting podcast I enjoyed, then I would have NO yarn money for any future knitting projects (or perhaps grocery money to boot!) Thanks for a great podcast! My husband and I enjoy listening!

  9. Send yarn, I will knit squares. Love the podcast. Happily donate as well. Hubby loved the show this week too.

    Anitat (RavelryID)

  10. Hello there
    Well, it is curious that you ask me about the direction of the vortex made by water as it flows out of the sink. I was just looking at this with my little grandson the other day. He is rather scared of the little whirlpool which appears when his bathwater is emptied. Anyway, the direction of swirl rather depends on your own perception. If viewed from above then the water moves clockwise. However, if you were swimming beneath the surface looking upwards then the direction of movement would be anti-clockwise. Does that make sense? It is a fascinating observation... So, from over here in Western Australia to you both over there bye for now. Lydia

  11. Mollie - JustThatKnitter on RavelryNovember 16, 2010 at 8:14 AM

    I happily donated - even my non-knitting, non-fibery, outdoorsman (hunting & fishing), manly man husband said he'd pay $1 a download to listen to you guys! You must be doing something right, so keep doing what you're doing!

    Carin - my heart goes out to you about the knitting machine. I would be so angry with myself over that too. It almost brought me to tears.

  12. Wash and Whack! That was me. I have to admit I am VERY VERY HAPPY - You pronounced my name correctly!!! (not many people can get it correct) My real name is Aquilla. The Rav name being a pun on Atilla the Hun and Hon being a ‘baltimore’ thing.


    (i cannot beleive i was mentioned in the podcast, SQUEEE!)

  13. Love listening to you guys!! Started around 3rd podcast, but have listened to them all a couple times, as has my DH and teenager sons. Dont worry Rick, they refuse to learn knitting too, lol. They are sticking with hunting, fishing, and videogames. Quickie-you gotta look in Good Housekeeping magazine Dec 2010, cute little "knit wits" xmas ornaments. Finally,just wanted to add, as a nurse for several years, I really love your acronyms and have shared them at work. "IPAL" is the biggest hit!!

  14. I've just discovered your podcast. Thanks to Jasmin and Gigi, the Knitmore Girls. I love to listen to the two of you. It's hilarious. Rick, obviously, has the greatest voice. Carin is so nice to listen to too. Love it. I laughed until I cried.