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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beaks, Buttons and Burgunders

Listen to Episode 31 Here!

If you are ever near Wilsonville, OR, you simply must check out Dar Essalam restaurant. Just Fabulous!

Handmade desserts and incredible surprises await you at Rimsky Korsakoffeehouse.  A must-visit when in Portland.



A fabulous Pinot Blanc wine that has become a favorite in our home.  I couldn't find a website that carries this but it could be ordered by your local wine seller from the importer Mitchell Wine Group through Ewald Moseler.

I did find this descripiton of the wine which truly says it all:

              Pardon the cheeky pun on the producer’s name, but this wine is A. Diehl! Here we have Weisser Burgunder, a.k.a. Pinot Blanc, transformed into a beauteously crisp, fresh, appealing and food-friendly style. Gone are all pretenses of opulence and prestige; in are freshness, liveliness, deliciousness, value, and food-friendliness. Smoky Pfalz soil serves as a lovely undercurrent for this crisp pear and green melon-scented wine. Fresh, vivacious and simply delicious, this is a Pinot Blanc that dares to be a wine of character, value and satisfaction for the humble, hardworking, soulful person in you. Enjoy this beautiful country wine as an apĂ©ritif for your early spring gatherings, or as a foil for your vernal fare like Copper River salmon, steelhead, clams, mussels, asparagus frittatas, fried chicken - just about anything but red meat.


I'm still trying to get my head around the spacing of the name on Dread Stocking Randall but it's just a matter of sitting down with it and working it out.

I am finishing up my Bianca's Jacket which is turning out lovely in the Muench Sir Galli yarn the pattern originally called for.  Unfortunately the yarn has been discontinued.  All I have left to knit is the button band!

I am also starting work on the Lakedale Shawl which my mother had started and passed on to me to finish for her. 


I am thrilled with my Tea Leaves Cardigan  It's so warm and cozy.

And I just adore the leaf buttons by One of a Kind made in Portland, of course.  A gift from Amy De from Atlanta.
One of the great things about Portland (as if there aren't enough) is that they tend to attract the rock starts of the fiber world.  I was fortunate enough to attend a Stephanie Pearl McPhee book signing at Powells Book Store.  And fun was had by all!
 If you're in need of the perfect button, check out The Button Emporium.  It's bound to have what you need to make your knitted garment even more special. (No Papa Button is not the owner of The Button Emporium and everything Papa said in the interview was made up for entertainment purposes only.)


Up for trade is a nearly new Ultimate Knitting Machine and Row Counter Attachment.  A minimum $160.00 value.  If you have something of equal or greater value that you would like to trade for it, please send your trade offer to our email address theknitwits@comcast.net or to Thriftyknitter on Ravelry.


If you wish to enter the raffle for handknit socks from our first ever Socks Around The World, you may do so by using the donate button on this page. It is $1.00 an entry and entries will be taken until midnight PST November 30, 2011. These were knit for a size 8 foot and are knit with Opposites Attract yarn from Barking Dog Yarns in the Arthur and Guinevere colorway.
Don't forget to check out the Surrogate Sock Knitters Club on Ravelry.  The group is getting a little dusty from lack of use.  If you have SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) and need an SSK (Surrogate Sock Knitter) to finish your second sock, stop on by and meet your mate. :)

I was fortunate enough to be blessed with a set of gorgeous red Swarovski crystal stitch markers from Lima Pop Shoppe and I adore them.  If you are looking for a beautiful gift for a knitter in your life or just wish to indulge yourself in a little bling.  Check them out.  I plan to purchase some for my mother, and daughter.  Shh, don't tell.

Thank you to all of our listeners for making what we do worthwhile.  See you next time!!


  1. I almost cried during your apology segment. You two feel like family. I love you both.

  2. Great to hear from you again but I totally understand that family comes first. Forget the losers on itunes and check out itunes in Australia - we all love you!

  3. I just have to say, I LOVE your podcast. The banter between Carin and Rick is hilarious. I listen to you guys at work and I am sure my co-workers think I'm crazy when I start laughing out loud in my cubicle. I love the mix of knitting and real life stories. On that note, I was dissappointed to hear that some listeners don't feel the same and can't understand that sometimes other things in life (like using your recording studio to make money) take priority over a podcast that you do out the of the goodness of your heart. I understand that feeding and educating a family and trying to survive this horrible economy is a lot of work and can move many fun things to the bottom of a to do list.

    I have rambled enough, so to sum it up. I am always excited to hear your podcasts and if I can get my husband to remotely interested in knitting I'm sure he would sympathize with Rick on what is it like to have a wife obsessed with yarn. So Rick don't worry about the critics, they need to get a life.

    And lastly, if I ever figure out how to leave a review on itunes I will.

  4. FYI-The listen here link is not working for me today. Love the podcast!

  5. I enjoyed the episode and I'm glad that you still have the energy to make us laugh. To me it wouldn't be the Knit Wits without both of you! Why did this episode remind me of this Steve Martin scene?

  6. I'm commenting as someone who has listened to your podcast for a long time and I love it. All of it and both of you. It's great to hear two people having such fun and really lifts my day.
    Please keep it up!

  7. Just wanted to say that I have loved listening to you guys since the beginning and I still love you both! Please don't leave us Rick! One of the best parts is when you are both laughing!
    Personally, I'm a teacher, and email has taken its toll on us as well. It's amazing what people will say in an email and not to your face. Nasty! Luckily I can sit with others at the lunch table and we can laugh together about the latest ridiculous message from a wacko parent. (oops, sorry about insulting parents, especially since I fall into that category. Although, I wouldn't classify myself as a wacko!)
    So, anyways, keep doing what you do, when you can do it. I'm glad for new episodes whenever they come, it's like getting the next book in a series that you love.
    BTW, has the state of Oregon given you any money for the free advertising? You sure make it sound great there! :-) Take care! C.A.B.

  8. The apology segment started out really nice, but you would have done a lot better to stop talking before the part where you got angry at the commenter whose money you gave back and started defending yourself. She DID have a point- I listen to many podcasts that don't solicit donations(many get sponsorship- a perfectly viable option), and they still post regularly. I'm totally fine with irregular schedules for podcast posts- I usually can't get to them right away anyway, but if you don't plan on posting on a regular schedule, it's not fair to ask for donations.

  9. "...but you would have done a lot better to stop talking before the part where you got angry at the commenter whose money you gave back and started defending yourself"

    I'm sorry I missed that part. Where did he get angry. I went back and listened and wrote down what he said, and I quote, "We would never want anyone to think it was our goal to be dishonest, nor we lacked the integrity to acknowledge a shortfall on our part.
    I hope this note finds you well. Sorry for the misunderstanding."

    Hardly sounds like anger and a defense to me. Maybe we were listening to different podcasts.

    I say, 'donate if you like and don't if you don't like'. That's the great thing about America. We're free to make choices.

    I thought it was a nice end to another great podcast. Keep up the good work!