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Sunday, August 29, 2010

"What do we say now...?"

Listen to show #1 here!

Our very first episode!  Something we have talked about for a long time yet when the mics are turned on, your mind goes blank...why is that?  Rick was in radio for 29 years, we were married during several of those years and I always begged him to let me do a show with him.  He never did.  Now after 18 years of marriage, I've worn him down. 
What you will hear on this podcast is a glimpse into our everyday lives and the conversations that take place.  I hope you enjoy the banter.
Here you will find the links to the products and websites referred to in this episode.  Please forgive the mistakes.  They have been corrected below.

King Kong's Stocking

Here is the correct name of the new Majacraft spinning wheel, the Majacraft Aura

And I can't mention Majacraft without plugging the wonderful website where I purchased mine. Tracy at Woolly Designs is extremely helpful and communicative.  If you contact him, let him know we sent you. :)

And of course, I have to give a link to the amazing Pocket Wheel.  I'm so excited to finally receive mine in October.  It will be equipped with the equally amazing Woolee Winder. Now I know I said I felt sorry for those who's spinning wheels did not have one of these attached.  I meant that in greatest jest.  I know several people who just love moving their yarn from hook to hook or sliding their yarn guide.  More power to you.  I am not one of those people and really appreciate the ease of this product.  I am a little like those old Ronco rotisserie commercials, I like to "set it and forget it".

I also want to appologize to the people of Canby, OR for totally botching the name of their town and their exciting fiber event, the Oregon Flock and Fiber event.

I will be sure to be up on all the names next time.  In the mean time, enjoy the podcast and forgive our first attempt.  It can only get better from here right?

If you wish to contact us, please leave a comment or email us at theknitwits@comcast.net.


  1. This was positively charming, and I had a blast listening to it you two. I cannot wait to hear more! More I tell you!

  2. You two made my day at work go so much faster today. I work (mostly alone) in a file room for 4 hours every morning and I was cracking up. Please don't ever change this show. I love hearing you two banter.

    Somehow I downloaded everything but #3 so I only got to listen to the first two today but I can't wait to get caught up.

    I love how real you two are. You truly sound like a loving couple that has been together for a while now. The banter is fun to listen to and I found myself talking back to you both on several occasions today.

  3. This was a great start to a podcast!

  4. I'm hooked on your podcast! I'm a beginning knitter. I enjoy hearing all the funny stuff and was impressed by Rick's Wedge! Love the quality. Take it easy on the Special FX. LOL. Thanks for tons of giggles. I'm on Ravelry as lemonflower. I found you through Sticks and String podcast. I am in Missouri.Good luck.

  5. A friend of mine blogged about y'all. Oh my gosh! You certainly made cleaning house go a lot faster this afternoon. Thanks for being so darn funny.

  6. Oh My! I love your podcast! And Im so glad you did not edit anything out. :) I enjoyed you both so much....and you made me laugh so many times that Im so excited to catch up on the rest of the shows. I found you from listening to the Kitmore Girls today...and Gigi said she stayed up late listening to your podcast that I just had to find out what you were all about. And Im so happy to have found you. I love your banter and your love that shows through the podcast. Im a fan!
    Smiles, Dotty

  7. You guys are as cute as buttons!