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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Casual Socks

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If you please, a positive review on ITunes would be so nice in helping to cover some of the bad reviews that are poking us in the eyes. :)


We've come up with what I think will be a really fun and exciting undertaking.  We will be sending a out 2 skeins of  Barking Dog Yarns Opposites Attract in the Arthur and Guinevere colorway to be made into a pair of socks by 10 of our listeners.   The first 10 people to volunteer in our Ravelry group under the Socks Around The World thread, will get to be a part.  We will be dividing the sock up into five parts: ribbing, leg, heel, foot and toe.  When you sign up, please pick the part of the sock you want to knit.  We will choose 2 knitters for each sock part.  Participants may choose whatever pattern they wish to knit, any type ribbing or edging,  any type heel, etc.  These socks will be a hodgepodge, a representation of 10 different knitters.  And when they are done, the will be raffled off. 
Knitters who wish to participate must be willing to include some of your favorite chocolate for the next knitter on the list and be willing to pay postage to the next knitter.

This should be so much fun and I can't WAIT to see the amazing socks our listeners will create!


Thank you to Janice (Catspawlace) for offering to knit the feet on the Tardis Socks I'm knitting for my sister.  I have knit the legs and they are ready to be shipped off to Janice for the finishing.

Do any of you remember playing Jacob's Ladder with a string?

Thank you to Diane (Meshuggaknitter) for gifting me with the lovely Walk Now sock pattern. A portion of the proceeds for this pattern goes to Autism Speaks.  I hope you will check it out and consider purchasing it.

And finally, I cast on a pair of my handspun 3-ply worsted weight toe-up socks for my 7 yo and she is thrilled to have her first pair of hand-knit socks.  I just love the colors!


Don't forget to use stitch markers between your 7-stitch lace repeats.  It will make your life easier. :)

If you want an easier way to try on your sweater, you won't be disappointed with Try It On Tubing.  Zips in, zips out!  Much faster than waste yarn.  You'll love it!

And for those who don't wish to tinker with the SSK, don't forget that the K2tbl (Knit Two Through Back Loop) is a very close second and is much faster and less fiddly.  Give it a try and see what I mean.


Up for trade:  Trader's choice of either 8oz. of prepared Mohair roving

Or a full Mohair fleece (approx. 4 lbs.)


Hob Nob Pinot Noir 2009   Two Thumbs way up!!  We both loved the lightness of this great sipping wine with hints of black cherry.

Thank you to everyone who listens, comments, reviews and donates!!  We love you all!!!


  1. Carin, Read my review and then STOP LOOKING AT ITUNES. The best way to kill a great podcast is to talk about reviews/donations too much. I love you guys and don't you dare stop podding. I would have to drive from TX to TN for revenge and I don't have time!

  2. I agree with steptrig...who cares what one or two think. I am not even a knitter and I enjoy listening to your podcast. The good thing? I am already in TN so my drive for revenge would be much shorter!!

  3. What was in my wineglass is now on the screen of my iPad! You two are hilarious! The best part of my week!

  4. Your podcast is awesome. Love it. I will mention it on my blog. melissabknits@blogspot.com. I just started it and today was my first post.

  5. Have loved all the episodes. I went to iTunes to leave a review and noticed that you can sort a variety of different ways. Sort by most helpful and the few - very few - non-stellar reviews don't rise to the top. Remember that it takes all kinds and not all are kind. Keep podcasting!

  6. Maybe Rick should check out the Clear Channel market in Little Rock. One of the Clear Channel stations here recently ended my friend Jennifer Trafford's 10 year run as morning co-host. I don't know if she has been replaced, as I quit listening to that channel when she left. Arkansas is beautiful. I will never live anywhere else, and the cost of living should be comparable to Tennessee, maybe even lower. Just something to look at.
    Love the show. Please keep up the great work.

  7. I just left a review on iTunes and really had to search to find any that were less than 5 star raves. you guys are unique in the field. don't let the one or two reviews that are negative get to you. I wasn't sure at first that your style was for me, but I'm glad I stuck around and now I look forward to each new episode. just keep your focus on what you two do so well, namely keeping listeners like me laughing out loud so much that we wake up our sleeping spouses. :)

  8. Is the Mohair fleece cleaned or does it still need FULL processing? I would REALLY love the fleece (Rick was right - it's better) but only if it's cleaned.

  9. Am I now the only one who wants to see pictures of Carin as a cheerleader? I can't be. Please post? :-)

  10. Although I love your podcast and have been listening since episode 2 or 3 (thanks to Knit Cents for the recommendation), this is my first time commenting. I can't seem to ever find time to write about things I REALLY like. I almost envy anybody who has so much free time to spend it complaining about things that annoy them - almost, but not quite. If listening to your show or whatever annoyed ME to the point of feeling the need to rant about it...I would find some new hobbies!

    Anyway, those TARDIS socks are AWESOME - Carin, you have a very lucky sister. Also, I thought the string game you were referring to was Cat's Cradle - it got that Harry Chapin song stuck in my head all week...

  11. WOW! Carin! Cheerleader? Pageant Queen? Ferret Hero? Homeschool Mom? Your a very busy lady!

  12. Just wanted to say that I love your podcast and adore the dynamics between the two of you! It's 5 stars in my book! (btw, I did post a review - 5 stars, of course!)