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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Knit-A-Long Little Dogies

Listen To Episode 21 Here!

I wanted to share a few pictures of some of the sweet gifts our listeners have given us.

These sweet doll sized February Lady Sweaters from AmyDe (Amy) were met with squeals from my daughters.

Yarn and chocolate from CraftPuppy (Allie).  It doesn't get much better.


Here are some helpful links:

This is the increase I used and which Elizabeth Zimmerman suggests using in the Knitters Almanac. It is virtually invisible. But feel free to use your favorite increase.

Backward Loop Cast-On also called Make One Towards on KnittingHelp.com

Buttonholes: Here are three suggestions but feel free to use your own.
  1. One Row Buttonhole
  2. Tulip Buttonhole
  3. Reversible One-Row Buttonhole (This one is my favorite and the one suggested in the pattern.)
Even spacing of your Yarn Overs on your Eyelet Row.

Knitting Calculator

Don’t forget to use those stitch markers between your Gull Lace repeats and before and after your garter border.

Have fun!


Tardis Sock - I LOVED knitting this cuff.


Truly Scrumptious waiting to be plied.


Up for trade:

EITHER approx. 4lbs of Mohair Fleece from one of DeeMarie28's own Angora goats.

OR 8 oz. of prepared Mohair roving also from her goats.


Toasted Head Chardonnay 2009  Two thumbs up on the taste.  A nice dinner wine. 

Thank you to all of our amazing listeners!  And thank you to all who donate in whatever form that takes.


  1. I am SO mad at you guys. What do you mean, no banter? What do you mean, keep it short? You are the highlight of my week and if the show lasted 3 hours it would't be enough! BRING ON THE BANTER!!
    Also, I had a conversation with myself and said I CAN'T do the KAL right now. I am in the middle of a huge afghan, just started a sweater, not even half done with a lace stole, and I don't even know how many socks. But listening to you give such great tips, hints and instructions about the sweater makes me realize I can't pass this up! You better make a longer podcast for me to listen to while I do all of this knitting!
    Thanks a TON for the GREAT podcast!

  2. I've actually come to love the Tulip Buttonhole - I thought it was going to look like lips from the samples I swatched, but then on the buttonband, it just looked terrific. Check it out here:

  3. I love the banter, you cannot stifle Rick & Carin. They must be free to be express themselves. I agree with MachelleH, 3 hours, 4 hours...I can take anything they can dish out.

    I was going to join the FLS too but all this talk about buttonholes intimidated me. :{

    I am with Rick, I would go for the fleece too. Where was the weekly pirate story? Boo

  4. Still laughing about the deep fried guy. Of course he can't tell you what wine to drink. He's from Utah. All wine comes in a box out here...lol
    (whitedaisy76 on Ravelry)

  5. This is my first time to listen to your podcast and I LOVED it! Y'all are awesome!!! I know how much time goes into podcasting (I used to have a podcast called CrochetCast) so I just want to say thank you both for taking the time to put out such a great show.

    I actually started the February Lady's Sweater before I even knew about your KAL but am now knitting along with you :-)

    Thanks again for your delightful podcast!

  6. in your wine glass try "menage a trois", a california blended red available at costco for $6.99. could it possibly be potable at that price? what have you got to lose? now back to my regularly
    scheduled kniting...

  7. How do we submit for a trade? I've have large paper lawn leaf bags of raw (somewhat washed) Shetland wool from my sheep. I'm not sure how many bags = a trade up from the mohair, but would love to trade it for mohair. I've got off white and a gray color. I'm a blogger too - I blog about my wind turbine - hence the name Small Windy.

  8. I just listen to the last podcast and I'd trade my Shetland wool for the gift certificate too. Let me know if you need a picture of the wool and how many bags would greater than $75 dollars.

  9. Hi Small Windy, Please send your offer and pic if possible to theknitwits@comcast.net