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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rick Gets Crazy With The Special Effects

Listen to Show #3 Here!

Rick got a new special effects toy and decided to try it out on our podcast.  Just keep an open mind.


I cast on for my plain jane sock with a not so plain jane yarn Koigu KPPPM in P122 colorway.  Oooh!  It's so squishy!

Finished the back and knitting up the front of my Pink Frosting.

And finally found a yarn I can use for the King Kong stocking!  Will be castng on for that this week.


Let me clarify, Rick is not a knitter.  "On The Needles" to him means, what is "On His Plate"  He was just signed with the Heyman Talent Agency and now has samples of his voice demos on their website.  It's a little tricky to search so we will post his website as soon as it is up and running this week.

Sweet little yarn shop in Murfreesboro, The Knaughty Knitter  Just watch out for the eyes!


Silver Alpaca dyed in the Watery Depths Colorway from Susan's Kitchen.  If you stop by, let her know we sent you. :)

The Southern California Handweavers' Guild "Weaving & Fiber Festival (WeFF)" is coming up November 7th for all of those in the Southern California area. 

In deference to Rick, here is a picture of "The Wedge".


Santa Cristina Sangiovese 2008  Not too dry, not too sweet.  Great sipping wine.

This is my "go to" dvd for brushing up on spinning exotic fibers Spinning Exotic Fibers & Novelty Yarns by Judith Mackenzie McCuin

Thanks to everyone who left comments.  We really appreciate the feedback!

Knit On!


  1. Loved the episode! I was laughing the whole time. Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. It's hard to come up with the perfect podcast ending. Someone's already taken "casting off", "journey on", and "keep on spinnin'". You could stick with the I Love Lucy theme, using a famous quote or a bit of their banter.

  3. Just found the podcast. Very nice picture of The Wedge. I wonder why it's named that. Anyway, great podcast, I love having something fun and knitty to listen to while I knit up my nephew's sweater.

  4. I had to come see the picture!! Its awesome Rick!

  5. "wash and whack"....after spun and plied. So much fun.

    agree(1,000) --> red gross yarn

  6. Rick, the "socks and violins" is very reminiscent of the joke about why PBS refuses to air "Ivanhoe"... too much saxon violence.

    Love the show... Just found it yesterday, and think you guys are fabulous!

    Keep up the good work!

  7. I apologize for not commenting on The Wedge picture previously. This was caused by my only discovering your podcast (via the Knitmore Girls) in the last week. This made it very difficult to comment in a timely fashion on the excellent photograph, which made me grateful that no one in my immediate family surfs.

  8. Just discovered the podcast and I LOVE it. You are so funny. I have not tried spinning but will soon. I discovered you via the Knitmore Girls and I am listening from Santee CA (San Diego). I love the pirate too. My husband always says "yyyaaarn" with a pirate's voice. Too funny!

    PS- Very impressive picture surfing. I would have passed out if a wave like that came at me.

  9. Just LOVE the episode! Rick you are so professional with all your promo clips...and sound effects! And Carin...you just so sweet and I love how you laugh at Rick. :)Don't let anyone discourage you...you both are So FUNNY and I just love your podcast!
    Smiles, Dotty

  10. I'm catching up and you two are a hoot. I can relate to so much. First I lived in BG, KY just north of nashville for 27 years and am familiar with the middle TN area. Moved to SC last year and had similar experience with getting a drivers license. I got my license with no problem but they listed me as a male on my license (which I am obviously not). When I went to correct it, they would not correct it without a birth certificate! I told the female clerk to please step into the ladies room and I would prove I was female. No good. I came back with my birth certificate and passport to be on the safe side. They copied both, took more photos filled out more forms and then i got a whole new license.

  11. ok, I am behind...(not unusual). I am enjoying listening to your podcasts while I am walking, and this morning I laughed out loud, causing the passerby's to give me very strange looks!
    Thanks again, and I look forward to listening to the rest of the podcasts and catch up (I heard your promo on Sticks and Strings..I'm behind on those too!)

  12. I love the picture. I am just catching up on podcasts and wanted to say I like the picture.

  13. I am catching up on the podcast, Just wanted to say I love it, and I love the picture of the Wedge!

  14. i know this is a little late, but i'm catching up! this is my favorite one so far, even though i really loved the first two:) i really love how rick incorporated everything at the end of the podcast:) very very funny:) imaginethatanid on rav