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Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Tick For Your Thoughts

Listen To Episode #4 Here!

I have no idea what Rick was thinking when he came up with this but we're gonna go with it.  Please leave a comment to receive either your picture of or your actual tuft of Angora bunny fur and to be entered into a drawing for a tick.  (This should be real interesting)

September 18th, 2010 was Worldwide Spin in Public Day!  Did you spin in public?

I did!  At the Amish Country Store in Nolensville, TN
Here are some pictures of my fellow spinners.

The woman in red in Jan from Daily Fibers aka worldygirl on Ravelry

Some of her lovely hand-dyed fiber

On the left is the superwash bfl for my mother's project, in the center is a gorgeous aqua bfl for my sister's birthday and on the right is a little bfl for me.

And these are the socks I knit for my mother in Cherry Tree Hill Superwash sock yarn.

Superwash? I don't think so!

Our graceous host at the Amish Country Store serenading us with his rendition of BFF - Beer, Fish and Fries

Billy Currington "I'm Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer"


Spinning up the Angora fur I sheered from Petunia.  And I plan to use it as one of the plies in my 3-ply Alpaca/Angora.


Tractor Shed Red  A little Sangiovese, a little Zin, a little Merlot.  Alot nice!

Here's a shout out to my homies at the Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild  Especially Dave and his Pat Green Supercard

And you must watch this cute video.  Guinness Book of World Records Winner for the Tiniest Stop Motion Animation Character.  Knitting Solves Everything!

And check out the latest episode of the The Ramblin' Ambler podcast.  Walk along with Lynette as she gets fit and rambles on about knitting and life.  You Go Girl!!


I'll be attending the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in Ashville, NC on October 22-24, 2010  It should be a great event!!  Hope to see you there!

On October 23, 2010, Historic Cannonsburgh Village will be holding it's annual Harvest Days and Fiber Fair.  If you're in the area, check it out. 

We're still working on a clever closing line for our podcast but we're getting really close.  I can feel it!


  1. I FINALLY found your blog! Not sure why....but took me forever. Soooo many knit-wits out there! Really enjoy the podcast so far. Don't send the bunny-hair. Keep it on the bunny. Just thought I would let you know, you are hard to find. Perhaps that's why no messages.

    I'm in Iowa. I think I ran across you guys on I-tunes originally. I know I download from there, and actually have not been able to find the show notes. Perseverance finally paid off!

  2. I'm really enjoying your podcast! It always makes me giggle.
    Also, I love the high quality audio. My ear drums thank you
    I'm in South Carolina. Welcome to the south. It's interesting, isn't it?
    I periodically search for knitting podcasts on i-tunes. That's how I found you.
    Glad I did. Keep up the witty banter.
    By the way, keep the bunny hair. Listening to the podcast is reward enough!

  3. I first heard about your Podcast via the Sticks and String podcast. After listening to all of the episodes, I have to say that you're now my new favorite podcast. :) I listen in Gainesville, FL while working at my really boring job and your sense of humor makes my day better--at some point, if I had laughed too much harder, then I'd fall out of my chair and my coworkers would wonder if I had lost my mind. :) LOL

    Carin, I was at the Florida Fiber-In last weekend. It was my first time going and I plan on being back next year. The demos on Saturday were great and fellowship of fiber crafters and artists was even better. Even though it would be a ways for you to come, it's definitely worth the trip. :)

    After living in Florida for many years, my parents retired to Altamont, TN in 2006, so I'm somewhat familiar with the middle Tennessee area. My next trip to my parents will be in December for a couple of weeks and I'm particularly interested in checking out some local yarn shops, especially those who offer locally handspun and/or hand-dyed yarns.

    Since you're wine fans, I would suggest that you check out Beans Creek Winery in Manchester-it's my favorite. Actually, Tennessee has quite a few wineries that make everything from very sweet to very dry wines.

    BTW, the bunny hair would be put to better use by you than me and I definitely don't need any ticks, as I have 3 cats.

    Keep up the great show! :)

    heatherwb on Ravelry

  4. Listening to Episode #4 of your podcast.

    I heard your Promo over on Sticks and Strings by David Reidy and decided to give your show a whirl.

    I am enjoying the banter between the both of you and the highly amusing non-sequitor tangents.

    My husband and I joked around about a husband and wife podcast earlier this year, but nothing ever came of it.

    I am a Historical Costumer, Knitter and I am learning to spin on an Ashford Traveler Wheel.

    My husband of 19 years does glass working // flameworking.

    We thought it would make for an interesting idea for a podcast.

    We have two rescue greyhounds and we live in Northern California in Sonoma County.

    I look forward to listening to your show develop and what becomes permanant segments for conversation topics.

    What I hope is constructice criticism - recaps on continuing topics are a good thing. A quick recap on the background of a project and then move forward to further the story along. While many people will likely download all of the previous podcasts and come up to speed, it is a nice benefit for those picking up the series later on for recaps or synopsis to bring them up to speed. Otherwise it feels like walking into the room 10 minutes after the conversation has started.

    But overall I really enjoy the humor and love your both have for each other.

    Jamie Lea Baker
    Santa Rosa

  5. I, too, heard about your podcast on Sticks & Strings. I think you two are so funny and this podcast is so different - THANKS!!
    And I DO NOT need any bunny fur or pictures, either, LOL.

    I live in central-eastern WA state, right on the ID border (near Pullman where WSU is), with my husband and 2 cats, 1 dog & a Russian tortoise.

  6. Found your podcast through Rav (I think) and I love it! I will have to make do with a picture of the bunny fluff - could prove difficult getting it through Australian customs! Quick question for Rick: you said creepy lady was creepy for writing to say she wouldn't be listening anymore. She didn't need to write, the ratings tell you all. But you want people to write to tell you they are listening? What about the ratings? You sound like my husband; he is the defintion of contrary! Just so you know, I will continue to listen from the Blue Mountains in Australia 'cos I love the rambling banter of your podcast. Regards, woolpiggy(Rav)

  7. I love your podcast. You guys are just too funny. Found you from Sticks and String (David Reidy) and glad I gave you a listen. There is just so much stress to deal with nowadays, it's delightful to be able to just have some silliness. Hope to hear more soon.

  8. I love you guys, and my husband regularly laughs out loud when he listens with me. I found you through your promo on "Sticks and String". I live in Albuquerque, NM. I kinda hope I don't win the tick, but I am also a podcaster and I know how much comments mean. Keep it up, we love you!

  9. I also found your podcast through the promo and it must have been on Sticks and Strings, but don't hold me to that. I love the light hearted banter and the silliness you bring to your podcast. It always makes me laugh and I love to laugh.

    I live in Iowa with my husband and three golden retrievers. I knit, but don't spin. My husband and I both train and show our dogs in obedience.

    Keep the fun podcasts coming. I look forward to hearing many, many more.

    Oh, you can keep those ticks, we really don't need any of those!! I hate ticks, they are real blood suckers.


  10. Wish I had met you at a GLASG meeting!

  11. Hi! I found your podcast through the KnitCents podcast. You guys crack me up :) Even my husband was chuckling and he's not a knitter.

    I'm listening here in Christiansburg, Virginia (Southwest VA.). I actually have friends that live in Murfreesboro!

    Anyway, you guys sound great and I'm glad to have found your podcast.

  12. I am loving the podcast! As for our unnamed Pirate, how about "Captain Swift Hank" or "Captain Hank Swift"
    Any time you are in Campbellsville, KY you are welcome to knit around our table!!

    Stephanie Lewis

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  14. Hi! I love your podcast. I was listening to the Knitmore Girls and they were talking about how funny you are. So I went to iTunes and downloaded all your podcasts and I am now on #4. I love your originality. I love how the "Wit" doesn't know a thing about knitting. I love how the "Knit" laughs at everything the "Wit"says. That makes me laugh too!
    I live in southwest Idaho and yarn stores and fiber events are hard to come by here so I love to live my craft vicariously through folks like you! Keep up the good work!
    And just so you don't feel bad that no one is taking you up on your bunny fur offer - I would love some! But please leave the tic out of it. Please send it to:
    Robin Ryan
    623 S. University Blvd.
    Nampa ID 83686

    RAVELRY- Robinznest

  15. I recently started listening to your podcast so not caught up yet, but I have looked ahead at the pictures and see the stockings are done, they look great. I found your podcast while searching around on itunes for something new to listen to. I'm an autoworker in Ontario, Canada and listen while working.

  16. Rick and Carin, your podcast is hilarious. Love the rapport! I found your site after listening to the Knitmore Girls mention your "Dark Chocolate" episode. I'm not quite there yet, as I've started with episode 1, but I look forward to it! The special effects are fun, too.

  17. I really like your pod cast. Sound quality is terrific. Keep it up.

  18. I found your podcast on iTunes and also heard about it on Yarngasm Podcast.
    I'm a podcaster myself. You won't get a lot of feedback, unless you're giving away yarn. Just sayin'.
    Enjoying listening to your podcast.
    BTW, please keep the tuft of bunny fiber. I'm not a spinner. Thanks!

  19. I am loving the podcast! I heard about it awhile back on David Reidy's Sticks and Strings and then again on the Knitgirls podcast. And probably a couple of other podcasts since then.

    I listened to the first two episodes on Saturday while spinning during my two-year-old's nap time here in the Baltimore, Maryland area. This morning, I had some mundane Web work to do and I listened to two more. Now I wish I had a lot more mundane work to do this week ... Oh well, I know I just have a lot of episodes to look forward to!

    I love the banter; I love the sound effects; I love the high sound quality; I love to hear about the works in progress and the spinning tips; but most of all I love the apologies at the end.

  20. Thanks so much for making me laugh ... again ;)
    I am from Vancouver BC, I do not want your bunny (I will appreciate it from a distance) and you can't complain about wine prices. It makes me want to cry!

    Look forward to another episode soon!

  21. OMG! I so love you guys! My daughter (17 yrs) also loves you guys. You are too funny! I listen to you on my way to and from work and laugh all the way. Thanks, you're a great stress reliever too!

  22. Well here is my insincere comment Rick!

    I heard about your podcast on the Knitmore Girls and I am listening from Portugal.

  23. I'm listening from Australia and heard about you from the Knitmore Girls. Keep it up. I'm just going to work my way through from the first episode to the most recent one :-)