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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dark Chocolate, Eh...

Listen to Show #7 Here!

PRISSY - The Dog Behind the Stool

Debbie Reynolds on the left.  Rick's mother, Debbie Reynold's double, on the right.

Dye Day at Three Creeks Farm

And my plunder for the day...

1/2 lb. of merino dyed in black walnut hulls

1 lb. of superwash in lt. aqua over-dyed in cochineal

1 lb. of superwash in lt. aqua over-dyed with Jaquard Acid Dyes in Chartreuse, Turquoise and Periwinkle.

A surprise yarn store discovered on the way home.
The Yarn Frenzy in Dickson, TN.  A sweet little shop that provided me with this...

and these...

Three Blind Moose Chardonnay, Eh... Delicious apple, citrus and subtle oak flavors.
This wine is not from Canada but we don't care. It reminded us of Bob & Doug McKenzie, eh...

What would you like to trade for our...

lovely, Crap D'Acrylique, our tribute to "Sarak".

We've had some great submissions so far!!  We will keep the contest open for a few more weeks.    Submit your name suggestions by cimment (below), email (theknitwits@comcast.net), Ravelry message to Thriftyknitter, or by Twitter to KnitWitsPodcast.  The name will by chosen by The Knit Wits and the winner will be featured in one of the Pirate's next yarns.  Aaarrgghh!

The awesome power of The Wedge in Newport Beach, CA.  Sadly, a body surfer lost his life the day this picture was taken.

Thank you again for the mentions from:
Rachel of the Knitcents Podcast
Jasmin and Gigi of The Knitmore Girls Podcast
and Meghan of Stitch It Podcast

We're not worthy!


CoggieTM of The High Fiber Diet Podcast is collecting watchcaps to send to the troops.  Suggested colors: Green, Brown, Kaki, Gray  Suggested Fiber Content: Any washable Non-100% Acrylic.  Superwash wool or wool/acrylic blend.  Here are suggested patterns for a Knitted Hat or a Crochet Hat.  Coggie would like the hats to be sent to her no later than mid-November.  When your hat is complete, please contact CoggieTM on Ravelry and she will give you the address to which you may send the hat.  Thank you for helping our troups!!

Here's what I'll be sending to Coggie this week.

Knit in Mission Falls 1824 Superwash wool on a size 6 - 16" circular needle.

The Dread Stocking Robert is moving along quickly!  Finished with the intarsia and already done with the heel flap!

Dare I dream of finishing this week?

Just finished up the sample of Newfoundland fur sent to me by Gravitystorm (Ravelry) from her dog Storm.

Carded into rolags, spun woolen (long draw) and Andean plied.
Don't forget SAFF on October 22-24.  We hope to see you there!

Grrr, sniff, bark!


  1. I'll trade a half (maybe better) finished kid sweater (approximate size 6 and I'm not sure I have the rest of the yarn) But is IS chunky weight wool (NOT acryl-ICK!) Oh and it's a dark red.

  2. Yo keep getting funnier and funnier which I truly appreciate as I sit and get chemicals pumped into my veins.

    in my past life, I too was a pirate known as The Widow Blacke Rose, my pic can be seen as one of my Ravatars. Names I've picked for Rick are:

    Chocwit the pirate
    The Pirate of all
    Capn. Ricardo d'Booty
    Capn. Rocky Shoals
    Capn. Rick Le Wit.

    I've thought long and hard (all of 10 minutes) to what to trade and I have an unopened package of wet cleaning wipes that can be used for cleaning the poop, uh, deck.

  3. Ok, here's a couple of thoughts I had while I was listening to the podcast today.

    1. Next time the dog goes running in the other direction, get down on the ground. Lay down if possible. Make sure the little heathen sees you do it. Usually it will make them curious enough to come back and see what the heck you are doing.

    2. Now that I know what the Wedge is, So Freaking Cool! See? All you had to do was explain it to us.

    3. It's a good thing I'm such good friends with Carin because if we weren't I would have thought terrible things with that whole Dark Chocolate bit.

    4. I am told that I've never had a bigger smile on my face at work then when I'm listening to you two. I give it two more weeks before they start asking if I'm listening to Knit Wits.

    It seems like there was something else but I don't remember what it was right now. As always, I loved the show! Keep up the good work you two and never, never, never, never go on vacation!

  4. Hey guys!

    Rick, the Wedge looks totally awesome! I've never been to the ocean, so have no idea just how cool it is, you will have to forgive me for that.

    I'm not clever enough to think up a cool pirate name.

    Keep up the great work!


  5. Hi from Sonoma (wine country). Rick, nice picture of the Wedge. I just downloaded all of your podcasts to date and my husband keeps asking what I'm laughing at. He isn't used to me laughing while plugged into my iphone (podcasts).
    GREAT show. Thanks!
    SonomaKnits on Rav

  6. I don't have a pirate name for the contest, but you have to change the name of the podcast. I'm sorry. Knit-Wits is cute and it rhymes, but the name needs to be Saint-Wits. And the show should start: Carin: He's the wit; Rick: and she's the saint!

    Carin is a saint for doing this stocking for someone else. No one this side of heaven would spend as much time and effort as she has on something like this. I personally will nominate her for sainthood, though I'm not a Catholic. Still I think they'll consider it.

    Rick is no saint, but he's funny. I love your podcast. Started listening after Gigi made her comments on the Knitmore girls. I am now caught up, so I hope you get the next one out soon.

    Ceci in Duluth, MN

  7. Omg. Thanks for the funniest episode ever. IPAL lol lol lol

  8. Thanks for the explanation on the Wedge. I was so excited to hear my name mentioned! Thanks for making my day Rick. I even appreciate the attempt to pronounce my name correctly. :)

    Suggestions for the Pirate Name:
    Capt. Cable and his parrot Swift
    The Dread Pirate Noro (DPN for short)

  9. I feel your pain on the Dread Stocking Roberts. I made that same Grace Ennis pattern and it was huge on tiny needles and in DK weight. My daughter loves it (because so very much fits in it). I don't like it (because it cost a bundle to fill, at least until I discovered the dollar store).

  10. I'm catching up with the podcasts and just heard you say you didn't get any post about the Wedge...............love that pic!

  11. Great pic of The Wedge! And I'm not just saying that because I'm at the podcast where Rick begs for comments. Really. ;-)

  12. That Dark Chocolate bit was probably the funniest podcasting moment ever! You made my day.

    Also, I'm French-Canadian, and I'm very nice.

    Thanks for podcasting - I love your show!

  13. I'm just listening to #6, this is my first time commenting and I'm really enjoying your podcasts so far! I'm listening in Philadelphia.

    But please post the pattern and a pic of the Firefly hat! I'm a Firefly fan too, and I would love to make it.

    Also, I found your podcast on iTunes when I was searching for some new things to listen to. I love Lucy, so the image drew me in at first and I've never listened to a knitting podcast before (and you're still the only one I listen to) and I thought it might be good for some inspiration. I was right!

  14. hi, i absolutely love your podcast, i try to stifle my laughter while sitting in a quiet office listening to you guys. i actually almost choked on a piece of cheesecake today i was laughing so hard. i especially love the bit at the end where you apologize. LOL!! listening from ky, heard about your podcast from Gigi from the Knitmore Girls podcast.

  15. From BC to you - I love you too! Rick I think you've been skiing at more Canadian mountains then most Canadians ;)

    Come back soon!

  16. I just started listening to the podcast this week and I'm just going through the show notes now. I had heard of you guys from CoggieTM, but didn't start listening because my computer was dead. Then I heard you mentioned on an old episode of the Knitmore girls(as i was catching up from the dead computer episode) and downloaded them all. I am obsessed. i was listening to this episode today in the car, and as the dark chocolate segment came on, i was in hysterics. I almost wet my pants. I was stuck waiting for a train at the time and thank god I wasn't moving. I was laughing so hard, I had tears running down my face and the people in the car next to me were looking at me like I was crazy. I replayed it about 4 times. Awesome. You both do a great job and I love to listen. I like the special effects, and the voiceover stuff... and arrrgghhhh, I like the pirate stuff too. Keep up the good work!!

  17. You two made me laugh until tears run down my face !!! and you know what ?? I'm a "french speaking living in Québec"...and I will continue listening to your podcast. Your "chocolate pirate" voice is arrrggghhhhh !!!... Love your podcast.

  18. I love the picture of the water , it is sad a surfer lost his life. keep posting those manly pictures , keeps the balance .