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Monday, October 25, 2010

Sconsinitis...Dontcha Know!

Listen to Show #9 Here!

I was one of the founders of the Broward Ferret Rescue and Referral in South Florida. I still love them even though they spelled my name wrong.

Anyone want to adopt a llama? Southeast Llama Rescue has several that need a home.  As soon as I have a home and some land, I'll be giving them a call.

What a wonderful meet-up we had at SAFF

You all were so awesome to come out to say 'hello'

AmyDe and son with the infamous Crap D'Acrylique

And dear AnitaT who apparently is very good at describing people.

Is the Kanuga Knitting and Quilting Retreat 2011 something you might be interested in?  It sounds wonderful.  Check it out!

All of the 'lovelies' I brought home from SAFF:

Miss Bab's "Yummy" Hand-Painted Sock & Baby Yarn - 2 ply Superwash in the Nasturtium colorway. 400yds. 100% Merino wool.

Dragonfly Fibers Dragon Worsted in the Green and Speckled Frogs colorway. 560yd. skeins.

River's Edge Fiber Arts Screaming Wild Monkeys 70% Superwash Merino/15% Seacell/15% Banana in the Tiger Lily colorway. 4 oz. 

and my Fair Trade basket made in Ghana from The Woolery


Ta Da!!!!  It's FINISHED!!!  The Dread Stocking Robert is now the handsome farmboy, Wesley!

I want everyone to notice it is nearly the SAME size as the model stocking and NOT the size of King Kong!!  If it were pressed flat, it would not be so wonky and would therefore be the exact size.
If anyone is interested in knitting this stocking, here is the link to the Grace Ennis pattern.

I am really enjoying knitting the Zipper Sock by Patti which she so graciously gifted to me.  Thank you Patti!

And here is a link to the Cece Cardigan that I am knitting along with the Knitmore Girls


I spun up one bobbinful of my Brown Beast roving so I can continue knitting on my Hong Kong Garden top down raglan.

Thank you everyone for all of your pirate name submission. THE NAME THE PIRATE CONTEST IS NOW OVER! Winner will be announced soon!

Thank you to AmyDe for her offer! She is now the proud owner of the Crap D'Acrylique (see photo above).  Please submit offers and photos of what you would like to trade for the approx. size 6 handknit sweater in Northampton Bulky in the Burgundy colorway.

Be sure to include your email address.

Thank you to everyone who is out there listening and leaving comments, reviews and sending emails.  We really appreciate you!!


  1. Awesome, so glad the stocking is D-O-N-E!!! How liberating that must feel! Now you can work on your own projects!

  2. Carin please leave the stocking as it it looks wonderful you did a great job,your work is done.

  3. Thanks for such thorough shownotes, Carin! Your purchases from the festival are beautiful :)

  4. Looks like Wesley turned out nice, as was your wish!

  5. Can you add a method to email the show directly from the show notes? If'n I've missed it can you direct me to it?

  6. Great tip to use a yarn needle or toothpick to cable. I never thought of that and it's going to be so handy.

    Also, as a Sconnie (well a transplant) people here can be a bit sensitive about the accent thing. It is heavier in certain areas of the state (Up North and Kenosha County seem to be especially heavy) and often confused with a Minnesota accent - which really makes some people upset. You should hear the angry comments about the Happy Cow Commercials.

    Otherwise, I think Sconnies are some of the nicest people.

  7. New listener here. Just found your podcast the other day and listened to it for the first time this morning while feeding my alpacas and also, doing the barn work. I laughed my butt off!! The animals probably were thinking "what the hell is she laughing about...nut case!!!" I loved it!!!Thanks :)

  8. DO NOT iron acrylic - it melts it! Let the person you knit it for do it.

  9. Thanks for your wonderful podcast! I have been knitting for 100 years or so and spinning for two. I have always had a sense of humor, so I really enjoy your show! Keep up the good work, and don't let anyone discourage you! You have supporters out here! Congratulations on conquering the dreaded stocking! -Peggy

  10. Wow. Using your logic, I guess it's OK to make fun of people with a big nose, because they really do have a big nose? I've had it with the mean comments - this episode was my last.

    You respond to critical comments with "If you can't say something nice, don't say something at all", but obviously you don't practice what you preach. Besides, that's not the point of reviews. Critical reviews are often as helpful as positive ones in determining whether you'll like something or not. If all you ever see are positive reviews (about any product, not just podcasts), how would you know whether it's getting positive reviews because most people like it, or because most people didn't like it but didn't want to say anything negative? You might as well not have reviews at all.

    I'm sorry you think it's funny to be so nasty towards people who live in Tennessee or Wisconsin or who have constructive criticism like thinking you should keep your podcasts under an hour, because if it weren't for the meanness, I would probably enjoy your podcast very much.

    I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun being snarky about this comment, too. But that's OK, I won't care-because I, too, know where the unsubscribe button is, and I've already used it.

  11. I kept picturing the woman asking "are you Carin?" like the little bird asking "are you my mother" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Are_You_My_Mother%3F You make me laugh every time!

  12. Hi Carin and Rick. Great podcast again. Carin please do not iron the stocking because it will melt and/or get larger and you will have to knit it again. Ask me how I know acrylic is not ment to be ironed ! Romina from Malta :).

  13. Chiming in to say don't try to press Wesley the Stocking. The other one looks nice and flat from years of storage. Yours will too after it ages.

    Someone suggested your podcast at my last Knitting Guild meeting, and I'm listening from southwest Ohio.

    Rick, I would love to hear about your motorcycles. We have a '79 Yamaha SR500 (thumper) and an '82 BMW R65 (opposed twin). My dad has a BMW of about the same age with a sidecar rig. Next riding season I hope to take some knitting on a ride in the sidecar -- something simple so I can enjoy the scenery!

  14. I found your podcast through Rachel who podcasts at Knitcents. She was right ... you are funny and I've been enjoying catching up on the podcasts so much.

  15. The stocking looks AMAZING! Congrats on finishing it. Really beautiful work! DO NOT STEAM BLOCK IT!!! If you must, soak in warm water, pat into submission and leave flat to dry. Please don't use steam on it! :-)

    P.S. My word verification was "licitis." Weird.

  16. I listen to your podcast on Saturday afternoons, and my husband knows I'm listening to you guys because gales of laughter roll out of the sewing room, followed by sounds of choking (I'm getting over a cold).

    As a native of Michigan, there is a rolling argument in the state over what we should be called. A lot of us argue for "Michigander" - a derisive term attributed to Abraham Lincoln in the 1840s; but the official designation is "Michiganian." In other words, there are tender toes all over the place regarding geography, and anyone who takes little digs seriously is lacking a sense of humor and really needs to get a grip.

    Okay, so I did run down to the computer room and repeat the Sconsinitis comments to the husband. hee hee hee

  17. Oh my gosh, I had to stop listening mid podcast and comment on this episode. I loved this bit.

    I live in Wisconsin. I was born here and have lived here all my life. I thought your sconsinitis was hysterical, I had tears running down my face.

    I never realized that we had an accent until I was in my mid twenties. To me, we sound exactly like people from Minnesota, Illinois or Michigan but I guess to the rest of the country we are distinct.

    In the many of the larger metropolitan areas, you don't hear the accent as much. But I have many relatives from small rural areas and they use many of those phrases.

    If you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at. Keep it up! Sometimes people just need to get a sense of humor.

  18. I LOVE your podcasts. I only recently found them and now I listen to them while spindling...your funny comments have saved more than a few spindles from being thrown across the room in frustration. I wouldn't change a thing about them!

  19. Hi Karin and Rick,

    I'm behind on the podcasts (there's this thing called "Christmas" that has sucked all the time out of the day) - just listened to this episode this morning. I am a ferret knitter - no, wait - a knitting ferret? A ferreting knitting? A knitting ferreter? Whatever you might call me, I once owned two ferrets (one sable, one white), but they have both passed on to the great ferret playground in the sky.

    I am loving your podcast, by the way - everything from "What's in My Jelly Jar?" to IPAL and all the other acronyms. Merry Christmas to you both!