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Monday, October 18, 2010

SIFF, SAFF...S'nuff!

Listen to Episode 8 Here!

Our weekend at the Southern Indiana Fiber Festival was extremely enjoyable.  Here is just a taste.

I was having a moment with a Finn sheep at the Rooster's Run Farm booth.

This is the 1 lb. plus of baby camel/tussah silk that my dh bought for me from LunaBudKnits.  What a lovely sweater it will be.

ROAR!  Dinasaur World - Need I say more?

Our dear Abby pictured in the "plastic" dinasaur head.

I am so close to finishing The Dread Stocking Robert, that I have decided to withhold pictures until the true "Wesley" is revealed.

The yoke of my Hong Kong Garden  sweater from Spin To Knit by Shannon Okey

This is the brown wool I will be spinning up for the body of the sweater.

Plain Jane sock #1 finished!  But before casting on #2, I am going to try my hand at a new pattern sent to me by Patti on Ravelry.
Here is a link to her Zipper Socks pattern.  Thank you, Patti!!!

2008 Rombauer Carneros Chardonnay - A lovely buttery/oaky flavored Chardonnay deninitely worth a special occasion.
And not in our wineglass but part of our conversation
Newton Unfiltered Chardonnay - An amazing wine worth a very special occasion.


Hand-dyed superwash spun into a Aran weight single.  I can't wait to knit with it!

Is now closed.  We have chosen a name and the winner will be featured in the next Pirate Yarn. Aarrgghh!

The trade for the Crap D'Acrylique is now CLOSED.  Trading is now OPEN for the nearly finished Child's size 6 sweater in Valley Yarns Northampton Bulky wool. 

I will post more pictures when I recieve the sweater.

CoggieTM of The High Fiber Diet Podcast is collecting watchcaps to send to the troops.  Suggested colors: Green, Brown, Kaki, Gray  Suggested Fiber Content: Any washable Non-100% Acrylic.  Superwash wool or wool/acrylic blend.  Here are suggested patterns for a Knitted Hat or a Crochet Hat.  Coggie would like the hats to be sent to her no later than mid-November.  When your hat is complete, please contact CoggieTM on Ravelry and she will give you the address to which you may send the hat.  Thank you for helping our troups!!

"The Knit" will be at SAFF this Friday!  I am meeting some people at The Woolery booth at 1:00 pm to say hello.  Please feel free to join us.  If "The Wit" is able to come, we will also be attending the party at the Fairfield in at 7:30.  Please find the details of the party on the Meetup thread in the SAFF group on Ravelry.  I will post to the SAFF thread in The Knit Wits Podcast Ravelry Group if Rick will be attending so stay tuned!

Thank you to all of our listeners!  We love you!


  1. great podcast you two!! can't wait to hear the next yarn, although i will laugh for hours to come thanks to the latest yarn, great job rick!!
    on a side note, i was thinking that when you two are out and about at different fiber outtings and such, you could wear matching shirts. knit's shirt front would say "i'm the knit!" and the back can say: "have you seen my wit?" and for wit's shirt "i'm the wit!" and on the back: "have you seen my knit?" just something i was thinking about when knit said she didnt have anything with knitting on it. they are really easy to make and to be honest i think it would be kinda funny.
    again great podcast tonight and i cant wait for the next!!
    ~Tara a.k.a. thomicwrst1106@aol.com

  2. I love this podcast also! I also like the idea the previous poster said about the 'I'm the Knit' sweaters or shirts - good idea. Free publicity!

    Isn't it fun to have the relationship that you two have - I have been very fortunate to have found it twice in my life. The first time I was married 35 years to my best friend (who passed away) and now 3 years with my new one - we tease back and forth all the time just like you guys. Life can be good even with a lot of tragedies.
    Take care and continue enjoying life and knitting and love!

  3. For your listeners who want to make the dread stocking Robert(s), here is where you can get the Grace Ennis design (and there are others):


    I am not affiliated, but have made a few of her designs. Here is more info about her:


  4. Great pics Carin! You do a great job on the show notes.

  5. This is Pirate Captain Stephanie Lewis, as the captain of the USS Kentucky knit ship, I say ahoy mate! All is well in the central swamps of Kentucky where we are afloat and knitting. Here’s hoping you can come aboard and knit with us some time. Arrrrr....for now

  6. Hi from NorCal Wine Country

    The episodes are just getting better and better. You have amazing on air chemistry and the love you both celebrate and share with the rest of us is wonderful.

    I am really enjoying your shows and listening as you find your rythm (and blues???)

    I still need to make hubby listen to the Jamie Lea Shout Out you gave a couple of episodes back. I was floored.

    Great job and I look forward to new episodes everyweek. I know it is a lot of work for you both, but I really enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    Jamie Lea Baker
    Santa Rosa, CA

  7. I'd like to suggest "Tink" as the name for the pirate. I am a spinner and a weaver and part-time knitter. It seems like I do a lot of tinking when I knit, so thought it would be good.

    Tina Hilton
    Indianapolis, IN

  8. I don't mean to ruin your jokes, or your great title - but that fiber festival in southern Indiana was SIFAF - Southern Indiana Fiber Arts Festival.

    I was there the same day, around the same time. I don't know if I saw you or not, but it could have happened.

  9. I don't think I've laughed this hard in a long time. I don't think you could have done that if you had planned it. Thanks for a great podcast.

  10. I'm catching up with all your podcasts and as much as I don't like long podcasts, I don't want yours to ever end.
    A word about CST. Having lived in BG, KY for 27 years I feel your pain. You probably realize that by now it gets dark at 4:30!
    Trivia questions: Why is Louisville on EST. Well, when the time zones were set up L'ville lobbied to be on the same time as NYC. Therefore the crooked line,
    Any btw, if you think it is confusing now, up until a few years ago, IN didn't honor daylight savings time. Try taking a trip to IN the weekend of the time change and showing up an hour early for a bike ride in IN. We were staying on the KY side and an extra hour of sleep would have felt good. To make matters worse, some of the bordering cities in IN did go with daylight savings time and some didn't.
    Love the photo of your daughter in the dino mouth. I do some freelance graphic design for the Mammoth Cave Region. Next time take them to Kentucky Down Under ( kdu.com ) in Horse Cave, KY. I promise you it is not a tourist trap and the most fun your family will have. You get to walk around with kangaroos and pet all sorts of exotic animals. I even recommend the food there which is affordable and good. Oh, I forgot. You are vegetarians — maybe you shouldn't depend on the food there (burgers, chicken and emu). Sorry.