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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Dread Stocking Robert

Listen to Show #6 Here!


Ok, let's recap...

Attempt #1 King Kong Stocking (I think you can see how it got it's name)

Attempt #2 King Kong Jr. (Still too large)

#3 Crap D'Acrylique or Acryl-ick

Attempt #4 The Dread Stocking Robert

And my Plane Jane Sock

Kit Kittredge Hat for a fellow Homeschooler.

Submit your name suggestions by shownotes post (below), email (theknitwits@comcast.net), Ravelry message to Thriftyknitter, or by Twitter to KnitWitsPodcast.  The name will by chosen by The Knit Wits and the winner will be featured in one of the Pirate's next yarns.  Aaarrgghh!



Please write and tell us what you have to trade for this now infamous piece of "Art" and if your item is chosen, we will make a trade.


Finished up the Hand-dyed Alpaca from Susan's Kitchen Etsy Shop dyed in the Watery Depths colorway and hope to get it plied this week.
I received a sweet surprise from a kind listener, (Gravitystorm) who sent me some of the fur from her Newfoundland Dog, Storm. 
I hope to spin this up soon!


CoggieTM of The High Fiber Diet Podcast is collecting watchcaps to send to the troops.  Suggested colors: Green, Brown, Kaki, Gray  Suggested Fiber Content: Any washable Non-100% Acrylic.  Superwash wool or wool/acrylic blend.  Here are suggested patterns for a Knitted Hat or a Crochet Hat.  Coggie would like the hats to be sent to her no later than mid-November.  When your hat is complete, please contact CoggieTM on Ravelry and she will give you the address to which you may send the hat.  Thank you for helping our troups!!


The Nashville Spinsters are having thier annual Dye Day on Saturday, October 9th at 3 Creeks Farm.

The Southern Indiana Fiber Arts Festival October 15, 16 at Harrison County Fairgrounds in Corydon, IN.

The New York Sheep and Wool Festival October 16, 17 at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, NY.

The Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF) October 22-24 in Fletcher, NC

Thanks to everyone who has been writing in their comments and reviews!  We are so pleased to have you along!


  1. Rats, the picture of the spinning did come through.
    Nope, don't want the dreaded acrylic.

  2. I've never heard of spinning up fur from a Newfoundland. I'm so intrigued! And thanks for the info about the caps for the troops. I would love to be part of that!

  3. Good news! You don't have to travel all the way to California to see glassblowing. I lived in Lexington, KY for five years, and worked at Centre College in Danville, KY. One of the world's best glassblowers, internationally known artist Stephen Rolfe Powell, is Professor of Art Glass at the college. I had the privilege of visiting and watching some amazing art being created. You aren't that far from the college (in Danville, KY)and they might not mind if you would care to visit. http://www.centre.edu/

    This episode was so fun to listen to...I was laughing so hard at Rick's error re: The High Fiber Diet podcast and AFRs..LOL Keep up the great work..I love it!!!

    Deedee aka The KnitNurd

  4. This post makes so much more sense after listening to the podcast today at work. I listened to 3-6 today and my stomach hurts from laughing so much (and trying to keep quiet).

    You two rock! The worst thing now is that I'm all caught up and I won't be able to hear from you again until Monday. I guess it makes Monday something to look forward to though.

    Thanks again for this podcast!

  5. Love your show! I just found out about it on Sunday and I've listened to all the episodes while packing up our apartment to move this week. It's fantastic! and has really helped the yucky packing go a bit quicker. Sadly i do not have anything to trade for the crap d'acrylique.

  6. Rick & Carin, I just finished listening to your podcast. Here's one for movie references & dating: When my husband & I talk about our destine to be together he says, "....we're on a mission from God." Do you know where that quote is from? At first I thought it was so romatic til he told me what movie it was from. Carin, the Princess Bride is the greatest!

    Thanks for the podcast & I can't wait til next week.

  7. I have got to tell you that you and your husband are identical in personality to my husband and I. I listened to you podcast and then made him come listen to the first part of the first episode. I could not help myself; I was almost not able to breathe it found it so funny. He commented; "this is you and I in 20 years".

    To give you a little background about us, I was born in San Jose, CA and moved to Sherwood, Oregon in my high school years. My husband was born in Oregon and is a true native. We moved across the country for a new job for my husband in Campbellsville, KY. I have to however lived in Clarksville, TN for a year while my sister’s husband was deployed. (Sounding Familiar?)
    I am a resident director in a dorm & the aquatics director on campus. My husband is a baseball coach for the university.

    Now to the knitting!! I have started a knitting group on campus and we have knitters of all age and skill level. We tend to have a new knitter who wants to learn every week, but it is a joy to have people who share a love for fiber. We have many people donate yarn and needles knowing that most of the ladies who come are college students. I would like to extend to you the offer that you are welcome to join us any Thursday night at the University Knitting Club!! We love new members.

    My husband and I really love KY, but I miss the fiber world in Oregon.

    Hope to talk to you soon~
    I'm on Ravelry: hotpinksocks

  8. I enjoy your podcast.

    Looking forward to hearing about your spinning of the Newfoundland hair. I have a samll newf -90 lbs, named Bentely, and he has lots and lots of hair. We have him get a summer cut in the spring, and I have thought of having them save the hair so I could have someone spin it. My son would love a hat from our dog.

  9. What a hoot! I drive quite a few kilometres up and down to Perth over here in Western Australia and your latest podcast had me laughing outloud! So, great stuff, well done and thank you.

  10. Really loving your new podcast, it is so funny and entertaining. I'm catching up on the episodes atm and have just starting trying your tip for pattern repeats writting on index cards, wow it's making things so much easier! Thank you for hosting such a great show and please keep podcasting weekly, I really enjoy listening. Niki x

  11. Hi There

    Great shows! I'm only at no 3 and I think you should end your show with 'Keep you knit wits about you!' becuase my Ipod is always about me. You're either under my pillow on in my knicker pocket. Grossing you out, eh? I'm one of your Scottish listeners so our knickers are different from your knickers.

    You have to mention Scotland because you have already mentioned England and there is a strong sense of rivalry in this allegedly united Kingdom of ours.

    On the subject of under my pillow, I listen to you to help me sleep(having already listened for content and entertainment) Rick's lovley dark choclate voice eases me into dreamland....when he's not shouting through his bull horn.

    The funniest bit so far, I thought, was Rick's disclaimers at the end of show 3. I think you should keep those in too if you haven't already.

    Keep up your wonderfully mad podcast.

    Your fan,


  12. Just listened to show #6 (I was a referral from the podcaster with the IPAL incident) and found it very entertaining. It was the perfect length for listening to while doing Saturday chores and I enjoyed the "apologies" at the end. Brenda Dayne of "Cast On" says that British meetings always start with apologies for any corrections/mistakes made since the last meeting and I think you should continue this tradition for your podcast.

    As for the Pirate: How about we mix our textiles and fibers and go with

    Cap'n Picot and First Mate Targhee

    Cast off and let sail the Good Ship Barbara Walker!


  13. Thanks for making us (my hubby and I) laugh SO hard!

    Tell Rick if he were a glass blower that instead of being in a 'sweat box' you could record from the 'glory hole.' ;-)

    Also - since you live "IN A WORLD" "WITH A PIRATE" Perhaps the Pirate should be named "Don"

  14. That's "Don, the Silver Tongued Pirate"

  15. I just started listening and love the show. I have made it through the first 3 podcasts. I listen while gardening, spinning and warping my loom. Concerning the King Kong stocking. Have you considered using a finer yarn, such as a fingering weight, or sock yarn?

  16. Loved the Ting Tang, Walla Walla, Bing Bang. I instantly thought of Barry Mann's song - Who Put the Bomp - also that song could be used as a theme song if you start to raise sheep. 8-)
    Keep up the great podcast - heard about you on Coggie's show.
    Lana (rhymes with banana)

  17. We refer to it as "Lizzing", made popular by Liz Lemon of 30 Rock. It's laughing AND whizzing :)

    Yet again, laughed my butt off - thanks!

  18. So, not for nothing, but did you happen to check to see if the person who knit the original stocking for the (King Kong) stocking actually followed the pattern? Or checked her gauge? I had a similar project/job this Christmas, and I did not bother to do the trees, Santas, and little people in intarsia; I carried the thread across the back (actually wove as I went, which is structurally much better) and it definitely will not stretch too much because of it!

  19. Hello. Listening to episode 4, and My grandma (& possibly my great grandma made the first ones) has made those stockings for her, my grandpa, their 3 kids (and their spouses), and now 6 grandkids. I currently have the pattern, and a tiny amount of the yarn. I think the beard is angora or something. She also did our names on the front and birth-years on the back, and small sequins on the trees.
    I honestly don't know that i've really planned on making any stockings, but we'll see. Love the podcast, and since my guy has a studio, i love the special effects and info about the recording process.

  20. Hi Upsidedown cat! I'm desperately seeking the Grace Ennis Santa and Tree Pattern. Do you still have it and would you be willing to share? My aunt made it for me as my first stocking in 1977. When my second son was born in 2011, I found the pattern and had them done for my husband and boys. Now I have a third son, can't find the pattern anywhere and want him to have one to match. :( :(

    Please contact me if you are willing. Kathlynreid @ gmail dot com.